Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mama don't play like that

Naturally, my first post would be me rambling and bitching about someone. That what blogs are for right?

Anyways, I really don't understand why you would even have to be making this choice? I could care less that I live an hour away, or that "you've been trying so hard to earn her trust, and make her get over her ex boyfriend", you're probably just fucking pussy whipped. You spent the entire day with me yesterday, did everything you were supposed to do, and even told me how "it felt like we've been hanging out and together for ever". Fuck, even your friends like me already. There really should be no question who you would choose. I don't chase boys.

Here I am, I want to be with you. I don't care about the distance, or anything else. If you just let me go I won't be back when she runs back to her ex.

I could make it easier and just tell her everything about yesterday, and how we kissed, but I'm fucking better than that. It's your responsibility to be honest. You can't like her as much as you once claimed to obviously by how you were acting. You just want security. Fucking take a risk.